Founded in 2010, Dxpe Dealers is an Phoenix based menswear label. Inspired by the founder’s Xicano (chicano) and East Phoenix culture and passion for street  fashion an alternative path to life on the streets, Making Dxpe Dealers into a well-respected lifestyle brand of authentic apparel. The brand is known for its influence surrounded by life in East Phoenix, the NBRHD, the gangs, the homeboys and all inspired by real life.

DXPE DEALERS Focus is to bring you quality designs and apparel inspired by a NBRHD and life of people hardly ever recognized. For the last 70 years, one varrio has brought many people to the top for many reasons. My mission is to tell a story of a kid from the nbrhd…


A mixture between a Old School Neighborhood feel to a modern streetwear feel. I put all components into one. The main look I give for my brand is Black & White, those are the team colors, the familia colors. Were a team and to be a team you got to look like a team.

dope dealers bless the varrio 


My main thing is to keep the NBRHD (Neighborhood) strong and keep it going on till our hood is gone. Remember good dope always sells...